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Prabhavati is an American woman in her 50's who used to be an actress in Hollywood. Nearly 20 years ago she started Ramana's Garden, a home for destitute children in Rishikesh, North India. nLast year one of her 67 children, a 15 year old girl named Lalita, was kidnapped and sold to a brothel in Nepal - a fate which happens to thousands of young girls every year. Prabhavati, who was on a fund raising tour in America at the time, flew back immediately, and with huge perseverance and guts and an a
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According to Cambridge Bitcoin Electricity Consumption Index (CBECI), 65.08% of bitcoin are mined in China, out of which 35.76% are from Xinjiang. That means almost 1 in 4 new Bitcoins is mined in Xinjiang.<br/>This land has abundant supply of coal and forced labour providing cheap supply of natural resource to produce cheap electricity and megatons of CO2.<br/>With that, hundred thousands of Bitcoin mining machines operate in the region to generate huge wealth for the traders and investors earning happily in financial market in the free world (e.g. a White South African electric car manufacturer from apartheid Pretoria).<br/>* * * *<br/>Xinjiang, means “newly occupied territory”, was conquered by the Manchurian Qing Dynasty in 1760. Subsequently the ROC regime in 1911 called the country China and took over this piece of land. In 1933, the East Turkestan Republic was found but only survived for one year after it was defeated by the Han Chinese and the Soviet Red Army.<br/>Then the territory was passed on to CCP of PRC in 1949 after they defeated ROC.<br/>From 1949 till 1953, CCP armies carried out large scale of massacre, torture and rape to hundred thousands of Uyghurs and minorities under the military rule. The CCP ruler in Xinjiang, Wang Zhen, is known to be the Baba Yaga to the children there.<br/>* * * *<br/>In the 21st Century CCP Dynasty, there are more than a million Uyghur Muslims and other minorities imprisoned in concentration camps aka CCP vocational educational and training centres with high concrete walls, barbed wires, CCTV everywhere and no outside contact allowed.<br/>Besides brainwashing, the captives receive systemic torture, forced sterilization, and rape, and the Muslims are being fed with pork.<br/>They will only be let off after they have served the sentence of months of torment. Chances are high that they will be sent off to other forced labour factories all over China under close monitoring.<br/>In this newly occupied territory, notoriously hundred thousands of Uyghur forced labour work in the fields to help producing 85% of Chinese production and 20% of world supply of cotton, aka Blood Cotton from Xinjiang.<br/>* * * *<br/>The Uyghurs and other non-Han Chinese tribes have fair complexion. They look like Turks, Persians or Caucasians with light brown or green eyes, brown to light brown hair too. They speak and write their own languages, have their own history and they are mostly muslims.<br/>However, they are forced to “be considered” as Chinese citizens albeit the lowest grade, worship Emperor Xi and CCP, and practice the religion called Communism just like other tribes living inside China.<br/>* * * *<br/>US has banned cotton and tomatoes from Xinjiang.<br/>Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) has suspended issuing licences to companies in Xinjiang.<br/>There are calls to urge brands to stop sourcing from Xinjiang.<br/>There are calls to boycott the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics aka Genocide Olympics.<br/>How many blood cotton clothes in your wardrobe?<br/>How many blood cryptocurrency you trade?<br/><br/>520 1314
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Shiva G.
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India Today
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Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim has urged Education Minister Radzi Jidin to take decisive action to put a stop to period spot checks and rape culture in schools.<br/><br/>The former education minister urged the ministry to eradicate these invasive checks.<br/><br/>“This is a crazy practice. No one ever did this in all of Islam’s 1,400 years of history.<br/><br/>“There must be action not only to stop this but to penalise (those who conduct such checks),” he exclaimed.<br/><br/>Women previously told Malaysiakini that they had to show their blood-stained sanitary pads, do swabs of their vagina or have a teacher, warden, or school prefect pat them down at the groin to feel whether they were wearing a sanitary pad.<br/><br/>These checks were to verify if they were on their period and thus be allowed to skip ritual prayers.
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Bombay, twenty years ago, a twenty-four year old from Carter road, Bandra got together with a slightly older beardo from Byculla, put together a team and realised their dream...nMost of us, were first timers (you may recognise some of the names in the credits below) and there was an innocence, an energy that brought us all together. Every day of shoot, of post-production was pure unadulterated joy and was somehow untouched by the cynicism that marks our trade. nnRAAKH is presently unavailable to
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