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As a Cambodian refugee with Cantonese roots, Mike Tran can never forget the flavors of his childhood moving from one country to another. So he started a noodle restaurant in Houston, Texas, to recreate his memories. Tran’s wonton noodles are full of herbs, meat, and fish sauce — and customers love it.<br/><br/>Shop address: Mein, 9630 Clarewood Dr Ste A13, Houston, TX 77036, United States<br/><br/>This is the second episode of our latest “Mean Street Gourmet” series about mom-and-pop stores across the Chinese diaspora. In the next episode, we head to Singapore’s Chinatown to visit a couple that makes spicy, creamy laksa.<br/><br/>00:00 Their signature wonton noodles<br/>00:36 Why the name ‘Mein’<br/>01:06 What’s on the menu<br/>01:30 Making the dish <br/>02:21 Memories as a refugee<br/>03:34 Designing the restaurant <br/><br/>Don’t miss our stories, what’s buzzing around the web, and bonus material. Sign up for the GT NEWSLETTER: http://gt4.life/YTnewsletter<br/> <br/>If you liked this video, we have more stories featuring mom-and-pop shops in China:<br/><br/>Golden, Crispy “Sugar Melons” Only Made in Winter<br/>https://dai.ly/x87asn1 <br/><br/>‘We Sweat Buckets’: Making Sugared Scallion Candy<br/>https://dai.ly/x8a5cfi <br/><br/>Follow us on Instagram for behind-the-scenes moments: http://instagram.com/goldthread2 <br/>Stay updated on Twitter: http://twitter.com/goldthread2 <br/>Join the conversation on Facebook: http://facebook.com/goldthread2 <br/>Have story ideas? Send them to us at hello@goldthread2.com<br/><br/><br/>Producer: Dolly Li<br/>Script: Lyn Yang<br/>Videographer: Joy Jihyun Jeong<br/>Editor: Cliff Man<br/>Mastering: Victor Peña<br/><br/>#Houston #Wonton #Hongkong<br/>
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Pitmaster X
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How To Make Osaman Dal Recipe | Lachko Dal and Osaman | Gujarati Style Rasam | Gujarati Osaman Recipe | Toor Dal Stock with Spicy Tadka | Toor Dal Broth | Toor Dal Soup | Healthy Dal Soup | Dal Water Recipes | Dal Water Rasam | How To Make Healthy Broth | Simple Meal Ideas | Healthy Recipes Veg | Gujarati Recipes | Dal Bhat Osaman Recipe | Simple Recipes for Students | Soup Recipes When Sick | Dal Recipes | Meal Ideas For Busy Moms | High Protein Recipes | Rajshri Food<br/><br/>Learn how to make Osaman at home with our Chef Varun Inamdar<br/><br/>Osaman Ingredients:<br/>Introduction<br/><br/>About Osaman<br/><br/>How To Prep Dal Water<br/>1 cup Split Toor Dal (boiled)<br/>Dal Water<br/>1/2 tsp Red Chilli Powder<br/>1/2 tsp Turmeric Powder<br/>1 tsp Coriander Powder<br/>2 tbsp Jaggery<br/>Salt (as required)<br/><br/>How To Make Osaman<br/>1 tbsp Ghee<br/>1-inch Cinnamon Stick<br/>4 -5 Cloves<br/>1 tsp Cumin Seeds<br/>10 - 12 Curry Leaves<br/>1 tsp Ginger & Green Chilli Paste<br/>Coriander Leaves<br/>2 tbsp Lemon Juice<br/><br/>Serving Ideas
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if you like this video please click like share and comments<br/>don't for get follow my channel<br/>thank you somuch :)<br/><br/>https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_dzEN154OlFejV64MOQ2GQ
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The recipe in this video isn't your grandmother's brisket.
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UEMAI's Adventure
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