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Tun Mahathir in Japan when reporter said he was father was Indian he repliedhe said that he was spoon ,spoonfuls of Indian and his great great grand father was Indian otherwise he is a Malay,<br/>When UMNO Pres ZAhid called out Mahathir as Indian whose real name was Mahahtir a/l Iskander, He denounced it and his daughter came out in defence that his Grand father was Iskander.Iskander is a name for Alexander the Great. <br/>The root problem was to distance from any relationship to Indian, Is this so. Lets look at history As Mahathir said Melayu mudah lupa.Malaysia kini: “His father was a Indian man from the southern Indian state of Kerala by the name of Mohamad a/l Kutty”.0* ( Malays forget easily) Further more in Klang speaking to Malaysian he referred to the Indians as Keling- a deragotary for Tamils.<br/>I am Ar Perumal from Whats Wrong there? <br/>This video is about how we have forgetten the past ( Melayu mudah lupa or ratherMahathir mudah lupa keturunannya) <br/>Mahathir may have spoonfuls of Indian Blood but his name is not spoonful, may be mouthful- Maha means Big,Great or Super and Thir is a Keling word for Mr. When he was appointed to PM by the king ; did he use the Daulat Tuanku- the word daulat is an Indian word <br/>When Mahathir was PM for 22 years he as designated the post of Perdana Mentri which word is a Keling word for PM, It is an Indian word for PM, and in offie he built up Putera Jaya- another Keling word meaning Victorious Prince . and he built Cyber Jaya is another keling word for Zero Victory. <br/>The word Maha was used by 3 rulers by the Kings of Kadaram(Ancient Kedah) Maha Dewa I ,Maha Dewa II ,Maha Dewa III , Marina Mahathir said he ancestorscame from a couriers of Royalty:“My father’s mother, Wan Tempahwan came from a long line of Kedah royal household courtiers. 00* Yes we can see where the word Maha comes from the traditonal kingdoms of Kadaram, her mother line of household oourtiers into the Kedah royalities show that <br/>The following is a list of kings of Kadaram, nine in total. Each used the Hindu title of Sri Paduka Maharaja. The exact dates of each king's reign are not known. <br/>1.Durbar Raja I (330–390) <br/>2.Diraja Putra (390-440) <br/>3.Maha Dewa I (440-465) <br/>4.Karna Diraja (465-512) <br/>5.Karma (512-580) <br/>6.Maha Dewa II (580-620) <br/>7.Maha Dewa III (620-660) <br/>8.Diraja Putra II (660-712) <br/>Again it is a distancing from anything of the Indian stigma…she is Malay in spirit and…. <br/>Hi I am Ar Perumal Nagapushnam from Whats wrong there? <br/>If some one says you have chinese blood would you go at length to proof you are not , what does it say about their perception of chinese,, they look down upon Chinese. So did Mahathir and Marina . <br/>Well Mahathir may have 5% Indian blood( have to check his maths here) but his name is 100% Indian, Maha mean Big,Thir means Mr <br/>Tun Mahathir has been a Perdana Menteri for 22 years, this title is Indian, and he received his appointment from the Agong- <br/>Indian

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Mathematics Class VII
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Mcqs of chapter 4 presentation of data &#60;br/&#62;About this video :-Mcqs of chapter 4 presentation of data &#60;br/&#62;In this video :&#60;br/&#62;Presentation of Data class 11 MCQ&#60;br/&#62;MCQ of Presentation of Data class 11&#60;br/&#62;Important Question of presentation of data&#60;br/&#62;Statistics for economics class 11 mcq&#60;br/&#62;tabular presentation of data mcq&#60;br/&#62;Economics MCQs Chapter 4 Term 1 Exam&#60;br/&#62;chapter 4 mcq economics class 11&#60;br/&#62;presentation of data in statistics class 11&#60;br/&#62;presentation of data in statistics class 11&#60;br/&#62;statistics class 11 mcq questions&#60;br/&#62;Presentation of Data class 11 Mcq&#60;br/&#62;Related Topics &#124; Related Contents&#60;br/&#62;1) class 11 economics term 1 mcqs&#60;br/&#62;2) mcqs of chapter 4 presentation of data&#60;br/&#62;3) class 11th statistics for economics&#60;br/&#62;4) statistics class 11 mcq questions&#60;br/&#62;5) mcq economics class 11 term 1 exam&#60;br/&#62;6) class 12 economics mcq with solutions&#60;br/&#62;7) term 1 exam class 11&#60;br/&#62;8) presentation of data class 11 mcq&#60;br/&#62;9) class 11 statistics for economics chapter 4 mcq&#60;br/&#62;10) important question of presentation of data&#60;br/&#62;11) class 11 statistics for economics chapter 4&#60;br/&#62;12) presentation of data class 11 statistics for economics&#60;br/&#62;13) class 11 statistics for economics mcqs chapter 4 term 1 exam&#60;br/&#62;14) class 11 statistics objective questions&#60;br/&#62;#mcqch4presentationofdata&#60;br/&#62;#ch4mcqpresentationofdata&#60;br/&#62;##class11statisticsforeconomicsmcqschapter4term1 &#60;br/&#62;#examMcqsofchapter4presentationofdata &#60;br/&#62;#presentationofdatamcqspresentationofdata&#60;br/&#62;#class11mcqpresentationofdatamcqswithanswers&#60;br/&#62;&#60;br/&#62;__________________________________________&#60;br/&#62;
⏲ 6:36 👁 15K

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