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#MasalaTV #Food #MasalaRecipes #Recipe #EveningWithShireen #ShireenAnwar#Dawat #AbidaBaloch #Lazzat #SaminaJalil <br/><br/>#FlameOnHai #IrfanWasti #Tarka #RidaAftab #MehboobsKitchen #MehboobKhan #FoodDiaries #ZarnakSidhwa #Breakfast <br/><br/>#Dinner #Lunch #Chef #Cooking#Baking #Eating #KarachiFood #FastFood #DesiFood<br/><br/><br/>DHAKA STYLE CHICKEN ROAST<br/><br/>Ingredients for Marination<br/><br/>Chicken1 kg cut into 4 tikka pcs<br/>Meat tenderizer 1 tsp<br/>Ginger garlic paste1 tbsp<br/>Lemon juice3 tbsp<br/>Turmeric¼ tsp<br/>Chili powder 1 tbsp<br/>Salt 1 tsp<br/>Corn flour3 tbsp<br/>Oil for shallow frying<br/><br/>Ingredients for Roast Masala<br/><br/>Onion 2 grinded<br/>Ginger garlic paste 1 tsp heaped<br/>Chili powder1 tsp<br/>Crushed coriander1 tbsp<br/>Crushed cumin1 tbsp<br/>Green cardamom grinded½ tsp<br/>Cinnamon grinded ½ tsp<br/>Allspice ½ tsp<br/>Yogurt 4 tbsp<br/>Salt1 tsp<br/><br/>Ingredients for Temper<br/><br/>Butter 4 ounce<br/>Crushed red pepper 1 tsp<br/>Chopped garlic1 tsp<br/><br/><br/><br/>For Topping<br/><br/>Fried onion 2 tbsp<br/>Coriander leaves 2 tbsp<br/><br/>METHOD<br/><br/>Marinate tikka pcs with all the marinate ingredients, keep it for 1 hour. Heat ¼ cup oil in a pan and shallow fry <br/><br/>till is golden from all the sides. Remove and keep aside.<br/><br/>METHOD FOR ROAST MASALA<br/><br/>Heat oil in awok, add onion paste, fry for 5 mins, add ginger garlic paste, fry well, add all the dry spices <br/><br/>with ½ cup water, fry till oil comes on top, add yogurt, now add the fried tikka pieces to the masala, coat each <br/><br/>piece well, cover and simmer on low flame for 10 – 15 mins, meanwhile heat butter in a pan for the temper, add <br/><br/>chopped garlic, crushed red pepper, when garlic light golden, add this to the chicken, finally add chopped <br/><br/>coriander and fried onion, serve with sheermaal.<br/><br/><br/><br/>MALIDAY KAY LADDU<br/><br/>Ingredients<br/><br/>Clarified butter½ kg<br/>Wheat flour½ kg<br/>Milk 2 ½ cups<br/>Jaggery250 gm<br/>Nutmeg½ tsp grinded<br/>Mace ½ tsp grinded<br/>Cardamom powder1 tsp<br/>Almonds grinded 4 tbsp<br/>Pistachio grinded 4 tbsp<br/>Desiccated coconut½ cup<br/><br/>METHOD<br/><br/>Sieve wheat flour, add in 1 cup clarified butter, mix, when it forms crumbs, add in milk gradually, beat till <br/><br/>forms a medium consistency dough, cover and leave for 30 mins, then make into balls, press in between your hands <br/><br/>to form into a muthi shape, then deep fry in clarified butter on low flame, do not make muthies to fat, remove <br/><br/>after frying, cool and chopperize. In another pan add 2 tbsp clarified butter from the fried clarified butter, add <br/><br/>in grated jaggery, and melt till it’s done, if not melting add 2 tbsp milk. In your chopperised mixture, add <br/><br/>grinded nutmeg, mace, cardamom, almonds, pistachio, coconut, mix all well, do not cook the jaggery too much, as <br/><br/>soon as the jaggery melts, add to the chopperize daata, mix well with spatula, make laddus pressing well tightly.<br/>
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#New_breakfast_recipe #Breakfast_recipe #less_ingredient_breakfast<br/><br/>Hello friends in this video I am going to show you how to make Healthy Breakfast Recipe With Less Ingredient <br/><br/>Ingredients<br/>Semolina/ suji 1 cup<br/>1 eggs<br/>Onion 2 tbsp<br/>Green chilli 2 pieces<br/>Parsley 2 tbsp<br/>Salt to taste<br/>Water 3/4 cup<br/>Mix well<br/>Rest for 10 mins<br/>Water 1/4 cup<br/>Baking powder 1 tsp<br/>Brush oil<br/>Cook for 5 mins medium flame<br/>Cook for 2 mins<br/><br/><br/>New Breakfast Recipe | Healthy Breakfast | Less Ingredient Breakfast Recipe | Quick Breakfast Recipe | Quick Breakfast recipe | Easy Breakfast recipe | Less Oil Breakfast recipe | wheat flour Breakfast recipe | Breakfast recipe | | Snacks recipe by Toasted|Easy Breakfast | Quick Breakfast | simple Breakfast | Breakfast | New Breakfast recipe | breakfast ideas | New Breakfast ideas | Tasty Breakfast recipe| Breakfast recipes Indian| Indian Breakfast recipe | Indian Breakfast ideas | Tasty Breakfast | Instant Breakfast recipe | Instant Breakfast | Quick Breakfast | Morning Breakfast recipe | Morning Breakfast | Wheat flour Breakfast recipe | Wheat flour Breakfast | Breakfast with wheat flour | Atta ke nashta | Nashta with Atta | Snacks recipe by Toasted<br/>Wheat Breakfast recipes | Whole wheat Breakfast | Breakfast | Kids special Breakfast recipe | Breakfast for kids | Special breakfast recipe | Naya nashta | Nashta recipe | Instant Breakfast | Evening snacks recipe | Crunchy Snacks recipe | Instant snacks recipe | Quick snacks recipe | Less oil snacks recipe | Healthy Breakfast | Snacks recipe by Toasted | Healthy breakfast recipe | Healthy Breakfast ideas | Breakfast ideas | Healthy breakfast meal recipe | Breakfast meal | Crispy Evening Snacks recipe | 2 easy snacks recipe | Quick Snacks recipe | Crispy Nachos recipe | Easy snacks recipe | Tea Time snacks recipe | Snacks recipe | Lockdown snacks recipe | Rice Nachos Recipe | Rice flour Snacks recipe | Rice snacks recipe | Rice flour snack ideas | chawal ke atta ka nashta | Chawal ke nashta | Nashta recipe | Quick snacks | Easy snacks | Tasty snacks recipe | Snacks | Snack ideas | 2 snacks recipe | 2 quick snacks recipe | 2 quick Evening snacks | Evening snacks recipe | Kids special snacks recipe | Kids snacks recipe | Kids favorite snacks recipe | Snack ideas | kids snack ideas | crispy snacks recipe | Evening snacks recipe | Evening snacks| Snacks recipe by Toasted | Evening snack ideas | Evening snack for kids | Quick kids special snacks recipe | Storable snacks recipe <br/>Snacks with more shelf life | Less Ingredient snack recipe | Less Ingredient snack ideas | less items snacks recipe | less ingredients snacks recipe | less Ingredient snack <br/>Less Ingredient snack ideas | less Ingredient snacks recipe | less item snack ideas | Tasty snacks recipe | Evening snacks recipe | Snacks Recipe in 5 Minutes | Quick Snacks recipe | Evening Snacks recipe | Instant Snacks recipe | Quick Snacks recipe | Instant Snacks recipe | Crispy snacks recipe | Crunchy snacks recipe | Crispy snacks | Easy Snacks recipe | Instant snacks | Snacks Recipe | Quick snacks | easy Evening snacks | Evening snacks recipe | Instant snacks | Quick Evening snacks recipe | Snacks | Snacks recipe | Crunchy snacks recipe | Crunchy snacks | crispy snacks |<br/>Tea time snacks recipe | Snacks | Tea time snacks | Easy snacks recipe | Lockdown snacks <br/>Best snacks recipe | Kids special snacks | Snacks recipe by Toasted<br/>Kids favourite snacks recipe | Crispy snacks <br/>Snacks recipe | How to make snacks in 5 minutes | Snacks recipe in just 5 minutes | 5 minutes snacks recipe | 5 min snacks recipe |Rice Breakfast recipe | Instant Breakfast recipe | Quick Breakfast recipes | New Breakfast ideas | Easy Breakfast recipe | Tasty Breakfast recipe | Healthy Breakfast recipe | Instant Rice recipe | Breakfast recipe | Breakfast recipe in lockdown | Simple Breakfast recipe | Breakfast recipe in 15 minutesBreakfast Recipe in 10 min | Indian Breakfast recipe | Instant Snack recipe | Rice Snacks recipe <br/>Quick Snacks recipe | Breakfast recipes | Easy snack recipes | Instant Uttapam recipe | Uttapam recipes #Breakfastrecipes #easymorningbreakfast | Less oil Breakfast | 10 Minutes Breakfast recipes | Easy Breakfast recipes | Instant Snacks | Quick Breakfast recipes | Aloo Breakfast recipe | Potato Breakfast recipes | Raw potato Breakfast recipes<br/>easy snacks recipe | Snacks recipe 10 minutes | Evening snacks recipe | Healthy Breakfast recipe <br/>Less oil Breakfast Recipes | New Breakfast recipe | Instant Breakfast recipes | Indian Breakfast recipe | Snacks recipe in 10 minutes | Lockdown Breakfast recipe | lockdown snacks recipe | Breakfast Recipes | Breakfast recipes indian | Easy and tasty Breakfast recipe | Breakfast recipes with very less oil | Quick Breakfast recipes | Snacks recipe by Toasted
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Occurred on December 2, 2021 / Auburn, Alabama, USA<br/><br/>: \
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<br/>#MasalaTV #Food #MasalaRecipes #Recipe #EveningWithShireen #ShireenAnwar#Dawat #AbidaBaloch #Lazzat #SaminaJalil #FlameOnHai #IrfanWasti #Tarka #RidaAftab #MehboobsKitchen #MehboobKhan #FoodDiaries #ZarnakSidhwa<br/><br/><br/>Safaid Salan :<br/><br/>Mutton1 kg<br/>Yogurt250 gm<br/>Onions4 to 5 <br/>Ginger and Garlic 2 tbsp<br/>Oil 1- ½ Cup<br/>Green Chilies 10 to 12<br/>Salt 1 tsp<br/>Turmeric½ tsp<br/>Curry Leaves Few Leaves<br/>Mustard Seeds ½ tsp<br/>White Cumin½ tsp<br/>Fenugreek½ tsp<br/>Peanuts Roasted &Grounded2 tbsp<br/>Sesame Seeds 2 tbsp<br/><br/>Method:<br/>Heat oil, add curry leaves, mustard seeds, white cumin and fenugreek.<br/>Once start to crackle add green chilies & fry for 2 min.<br/>Remove chilies from the oil. Add salt, turmeric, ginger garlic & onion paste.<br/>Add mutton fry well then add onion, spices and yogurt.<br/>Cover and cook till meat is tender.<br/>Add a cup of water, cook.<br/>Once water is dried and the mutton is tender, remove the lid and fry until the oil is separate. After that turn the flame low add fried chilies, peanut and sesame fry well. Add as required water to form gravy. <br/><br/><br/><br/>Dum Ka Qeema with Matar Pulao :<br/><br/>Ingredients:<br/>Beef minced ½ kg<br/>Yogurt ½ kg<br/>Ginger garlic paste2 tbsp<br/>Red pepper 1 tsp<br/>Salt1 tsp<br/>Cumin 1 tsp<br/>Coriander 1 tsp<br/>All spice 1 tsp <br/>Fried onion½ cup<br/>Chopped tomatoes½ cup<br/>Oil 1 cup<br/>Almond powder 1 cup<br/><br/>Mix all the ingredients in the mince. Then spread in baking dish and bake for 40 min at 250 degrees.<br/><br/>Matar Pulao :<br/><br/>Ingredients: <br/>Rice2 cups<br/>Peas 1 cup<br/>Cumin1 tsp<br/>Onions 1 sliced<br/>Ginger garlic1 tbsp<br/>Oil½ cup<br/>Saltto taste<br/>Chicken stock2 cups<br/><br/>Heat oil fry onion till golden color comes. <br/>Add whole cumin, ginger garlic and peas, fry for 2 min. Add salt and ½ cup water then cover cook. Add washed rice, fry till golden color comes. Add stock and all spice powder cover & leave for simmering.<br/><br/><br/><br/>Apple Crumble Pie :<br/><br/>Apples1 kg cut into cubes<br/>White Sugar 1 cup<br/>Brown Sugar ½ cup<br/>Butter200 gm<br/>Flour½ kg<br/>Almond powder 1 cup<br/>Crushed almonds ½ cup<br/>Walnuts crushed ½ cup<br/>Cloves6 to 8<br/>Cinnamon Powder½ tsp<br/>Salt 1 pinch<br/><br/>Apple filling:<br/>In a pan add apples, butter, cinnamon powder, cloves, white sugar and brown sugar mix well. When sugar is melt turn off the flame.<br/>For Pie crust and crumble<br/>Mix flour and almond powder to form crumble.<br/>Add sugar and mix well.<br/>In baking dish add half mixture of flour then add apple filling. Add chopped almonds and walnut. Then pour remaining mixture add filling again. Bake at 200 C for 20 to 25 minute. Serve with custard or Ice cream.<br/><br/><br/><br/>Kabab Puff Rolls :<br/><br/>Seekh Kebab5-6<br/>Puff pastry ½ kg<br/><br/>Method<br/>Roll puff pastry. Cut into strips add chicken kabab and roll well. Keep in baking tray and bake till golden color comes.
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