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Check out my new motion design showreel ! enjoy and share :) nYou can find all my works here : www.houdalambarqui.comnn00:05: Motion design Projection Mapping // Noël des Alpes // Muriel Brisac // Freelance n 00:08: Teaser Tribu Festival 21e édition // La musique et le monde // Freelance 00:16:  Peinture animée // inspiration Magritte // Projet Personnel  00:19:  Motion design Projection Mapping // soirée d'ouverture de la boutique Hermès à Singapour  // © Captation Skertzo // Sker
⏲ 96 sec ✓ 01-Oct-2020
Some of my several worked specialist in Shading/Lighting/Rendering in Visual Effects & Animation in Thailand.nn================================================nnBreakdown (you can click on time label to jump to that work)nn00:01 [ALL process in maya, Arnold, & Aftereffects]nn00:04 [Texture, Shading, Lighting, Rendering of Heart CGI in Maya, MentalRay]nn00:25 [On-Set Lighting Capture Environment, Additional Texture, Shading, Lighting, Rendering of Giant Tree CGI & Leaf Debris CGI in M
⏲ 1 min 78 sec ✓ 05-Dec-2013
Contacts: oleg.verenko@gmail.com, skype olegwernShot list:n0:00
⏲ 93 sec ✓ 28-Jun-2015
For more, check out http://amitzakai.com/nn00:00 Intro / Personal / Everythingn00:05 Wedding Party / Ruja & Amit / 3d,2d Design, Animationn00:10 Yes 5 Animation Summer /at Promotheus / Designn00:13 A Micrometer from Here / Personal / Everythingn00:18 Spoken Word / Par4 / Design, Animationn00:21 Yes Movies Id's / at Promotheus / Look Development, vfx, Compositingn00:24 Cubes Typography / Personal / Everythingn00:26 History Channel Summer Id / Telad / 3d Design, Animationn00:28 Yes Streamer /
⏲ 66 sec ✓ 21-Jun-2013
Professional Work Showreel (2013)- Shot Breakdownnn00:00:07:05 - 00:00:17:16 tOptus Smart Safe (TVC) - 3D Modeling, Lighting, CompositingnMaya/Nuken - Modeling of CG fish.n - Lighting of CG characters to match live-action plates. n - Composite of CG passes in Nuke for final grade in Flame. nn00:00:17:15 - 00:00:27:10tVW Flyboy (TVC) - TexturingnMaya/Photoshopn- Texture Painting of individual feather elements for 3D wings.nn00:00:27:11 - 00:00:39:12tCaptain America: The First Avenger (VFX Featu
⏲ 1 min 65 sec ✓ 09-Sep-2013
Available for freelancennContact at abmotiondesign@gmail.comnnMusic: Koloto - Foxtalesnn0:00 - Intro / Everythingn0:11 - Svenska Spel / Chimney / Direction/MotionDesignn0:12 - Xgames / Buck / VFXn0:14 - Svenska Spel / Chimney / Direction/MotionDesignn0:17 - Personal / Everything n0:20 - Personal / Everything n0:22 - Xgames / Buck / 3d tracking / 3d / VFX / Roto n0:25 - Disney Channel / VFX n0:27 - Philips / INDG / MotionDesign / Designn0:28 - Personal / Everything n0:30 - Personal / Everythingn0
⏲ 60 sec ✓ 02-Feb-2015
The official OZORA Festival video from 2013.nnrules for watching:n1. switch to HDn2. full screenn3. turn up the volume!!nn----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­------------nWEB: http://www.ozorafestival.eu/nFACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/Ozora.Festival.Officialn----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­-------------nnnTRACKLISTn------------------n00:00 Bird Of Prey
⏲ 30 min 75 sec ✓ 07-Jul-2014
Here are some of the jobs I've done over the past 2 years. Hope you enjoy it.nSoftwares used: After Effects, Cinema 4D, Illustrator, Photoshop, Boujou, 3dsmax.nnSound FX by Gil Amado ( http://www.behance.net/gil )nn:: BREAKDOWN :: nnAll the animations in my reel are done by me, some of those are not directed by me.nn00:00 - Opener all my rolen00:08 - Animation and Compositionn00:11 - Animation and Composition ( Cinema 4D dynamics )n00:15 - Animation and Compositionn00:19 - Art Direction, 3D, Ani
⏲ 81 sec ✓ 05-Mar-2012
Selected works of João Lucas from 2010-2015 in Motion Design and 3D areas.nIt includes both Commercial and Personal works.nnAny inquiries please contact me at:njoao.goncalo.lucas@gmail.comnnCredits:nn00:00 - 00:09 -
⏲ 75 sec ✓ 25-Feb-2016
I was one of the many artists who helped with this brand sketch. I created over 40 animation sketches although just a handful where used.nnCredits:nnEditor: Eron Otasekn3D & 2D Animation: Chris Moanco, Scott Cannon, Joseph Grundfast, Kiffer Keegan.nCreative lead: Kiffer Keagan at Artjail.nnShots I worked on are at:nn:42 - 3d particlesn:46 - 3D Car, texturing, lighting, light animation.n:53 -:55 - 3D particlesn01:04 - 3D Car, texturing, lighting, light animation.n01:20 - Acura logo animat
⏲ 1 min 14 sec ✓ 05-May-2014
Hard Reset follows a young detective who must decide the future of the human race after the android he loves is infected with a virus that gives it true sentience.nnIntended as a pilot for a long-form narrative as well as a stand alone piece of storytelling. nnWinner of the Advanced Imaging Society's 7th Annual Creative Arts Award for Best Live Action Short Film. nnRuntime: 42 Mins.nnDirected by Deepak ChettynProduced by David Bukstein and Taylor Michelle ThompsonnWritten by Deepak Chetty and Da
⏲ 1 min 4 sec ✓ 02-Feb-2016
The ETCH Clock allows us to view time and its absence in a new way. 3D digital numbers form as the thermo-elastic plastic membrane quietly engraves time every 30 seconds. After the time displays, the surface returns to its smooth passive surface. ETCH Clock is displayed in an elegant aluminum frame. The clock can be wall mounted (and directly wired to main power with the aid of an electrician) or displayed desktop with two base options. It is currently available in red (featured) and gray. Time
⏲ 1 min 61 sec ✓ 08-Nov-2019
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