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Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other G20 Summit world leaders assembled for 'family photo' at Roma Convention Center in Rome. The frontline workers also joined the photo op.
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G20 leaders traditionally pose for a family photo at the end of the convention. This time however after the mandatory photo operation, the leaders were joined by frontline workers, in a departure from norms. <br/><br/>#G20summit #ItalySummit #RomeSummit
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Nela Apu
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Paramount Pictures Россия
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UFO Photographs were taken from a US Navy Submarine in 1971 | Alien & UFO Evidence | USO Evidence <br/><br/>The black and white images are believed to have been taken from the USS Trepang SSN 674 submarine as it travelled between Iceland and Norway's Jan Mayen Island in 1971 are evidence of secret US craft or Alien craft?<br/><br/>Alex Mistretta, a paranormal investigator, and author investigated the images after they first appeared in French paranormal magazine Top Secret following an alleged leak, according to the Black Vault.<br/><br/>The original anonymous source claims that:<br/><br/>1. The photos were taken from a United States Navy submarine.<br/><br/>2. The location was between Iceland and Jan Mayen island in the Atlantic Ocean. (Jan Mayen belongs to Norway and is only inhabited by the Norwegian Meteorological Institute and the Norwegian military.<br/><br/>3. They were taken in March of 1971.<br/><br/>4. The Submarine was the Navy’s USS Trepang (SSN 674) and the Admiral on board was Dean Reynolds Sackett. Obviously, the next step is to try and locate this Admiral Dean Reynolds, if he exists.<br/><br/>5. The Submarine came upon the object by “accident,” as they were in the region on a routine joint military and scientific expedition. Officer John Klika was the one who initially spotted the object with the periscope.<br/><br/>John Greenewald, Jr. from the Black Fault has verified all the points the original source has claimed and although his investigation is ongoing, he was happy to see that many of the facts did pan out which means if it is a hoax, whoever did it definitely thought it out beforehand.<br/><br/>Alien & UFO Disclosure<br/><br/>#aliensandufosevidence #aliensevidence #alienevidence #ufosevidence #ufoevidence #alienabductionevidence #alienabduction #alien #ufo #projectbluebook #ancientaliens #kgb #kgbufofiles #secretkgbfiles #kgbfiles<br/><br/>Aliens and UFOs Evidence,Aliens,UFOs,UFO,Alien Evidence,UFO evidence,ufo sightings compilation,ufo sightings,ufo caught on camera,ufo sightings 2021,ufo sightings documentary,alien sightings,ufo caught on camera real footage,aliens caught on camera,real ufo footage,ufo video,ufos,real ufo video,space news pod,Seven News,ufo sighting navy,aliens,Unidentified flying objects,Ufo,pentagon ufo footage,caught on camera,Alien spaceship,Project Blue Book,KGB<br/><br/>estrangeiro, evidência alienígena, alienígena divulgado, <br/>filmagem alienígena, <br/>evidência ufo, <br/>filmagem ufo, <br/><br/>чужак, <br/>чужое свидетельство, <br/>инопланетное доказательство, <br/>инопланетные кадры, <br/>Кадры НЛО, Доказательства НЛО, <br/><br/>มนุษย์ต่างดาว, <br/>ยูเอฟโอ, ภาพเอเลี่ยน, <br/>ภาพยูเอฟโอ, <br/>หลักฐานยูเอฟโอ, <br/>หลักฐานต่างด้าว, ภาพเอเลี่ยนและยูเอฟโอ, <br/>หลักฐานของมนุษย์ต่างดาวและยูเอฟโอ,<br/><br/>외계인, 외계인 증거, 외계인 영상, 외계인 증거, <br/><br/>유포, UFO 증거, UFO 영상, UFO 증거,<br/><br/>extraterrestre, <br/>evidencia extraterrestre, <br/>material de archivo alienígena, OVNI, Imágenes de ovnis, <br/>Evidencia OVNI, <br/><br/>エイリアン, エイリアンの映像, エイリアンの証拠, エイリアンの証拠,<br/><br/>Yūfō, UFOの証拠, UFOの映像, UFOプルーフ,<br/><br/>,חייזר<br/>עצם בלתי מזוהה,<br/>,עדות חייזרים<br/>צילומי חייזרים,<br/>צילומי עב\
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Sports Illustrated Swimsuit
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Hi guys, <br/>Please like and share my new video the Night session. If you like it, and if you didn't see part 1 or 2 here you go<br/> ►https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wvR2p...<br/> ►https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=feRzu...<br/><br/>And follow us on<br/>Facebook ► https://www.facebook.com/acrobaticonice/<br/>Instagram ► https://www.instagram.com/acrobatonic...<br/><br/><br/>Special thank's: <br/>Hungarian Skating Federation ► http://moksz.hu/<br/>The Citypark Icerink ► https://www.mujegpalya.hu/en<br/>Sportivó Online Sport Magazin ► https://www.sportivo.hu/<br/>Spotivo Insta. ►https://www.instagram.com/sportivo.hu...<br/>Makeup: Éva Orsolya Mihály ► / http://miorseva.com/en/<br/>Open Optika / Örkény► https://www.facebook.com/openoptika/<br/>The million photos ► https://www.facebook.com/themillionph...<br/><br/>Music:<br/>Don’t Blink - Heartburn (Lexa Blue Remix) ► https://ampl.ink/9nZXJ<br/>Falling Apart - Lexa Blue ► https://ampl.ink/ZvwY2<br/>Hide Away - Lexa Blue ►https://ampl.ink/8oXmp<br/><br/>“all rights are reserved” credit by Adam Nadas, copy and downloading/converting is illegal!<br/>
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Celebrity Gossip
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